DPGC Photos 2019

2019 Fall Dinner Featuring keynote speaker Roby Brock was held on November 7th. Mr. Brock's topic was, "The Trump Effect on Journalism."

A large crowd turned out

Roby Brock, Keynote Speaker

Hayden Shamel, DPGC Chairperson

Yvonne Rodriguez, Henley Queen, Hayes Whorton, William Hanson, Candidate for U.S. Congress, Connor Johnson, Phyllis Beard, and Katherine Horner

Yvonne Rodriguez, Katherine Horner, Election Commissioner Elmer Beard, City Director Karen Garcia, Henley Queen, City Director Becca Clark, Connor Johnson, and Hayes Whorton

On October 6, 2019 Roy Zimmerman, one of America's premiere political satirical songwriters, performed a compelling combination of socially conscious comedy and original music at a concert sponsored by the Democratic Party of Garland County.

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