DPGC Photos 2016

2016 was an exciting Election Year

DPGC Officers 2016
New Look
Stained Glass added to HQ Entrance
DPGC members at Jimmie Lou Fisher / Lottie Shackelford Dinner
DPGC Members at State Convention
June Fundraiser for Legislative Candidates
AR House Candidates, Jerry Rephan & Richard Bright
spoke at June Meeting
2016 Natl. Convention Delegates Karen Garcia,
Hayden Shamel & Jorge Garcia
Arkansas was Front & Center at the 2016 Natl. Convention
Hillary Campaign director for AR spoke at July Meeting
Prof. Jay Barth spoke to Brown Bag
Prof. Harold Bass spoke to Brown Bag
Harold Diggs spoke to Brown Bag
DPA Chair Vince Insalaco spoke to Brown Bag
Former Judge Larry Williams spoke at the August Brown Bag
Former Representative Johnnie Roebuck spoke at Brown Bag
Dr. Gene Shelby spoke to Brown Bag
September 2016 Mtg.
September 2016 Mtg.
September 2016 Mtg.
September 2016 Mtg
Election Night 2016
Election Night 2016
Jackson House Food Drive
Jean Lacefield, Michael Cook, Norma Newman
Vince Insalaca, Gloria Dupree, Nate Newman
Sharyn Harmon and Madonna Meadors
Vince Insalaca, DPA Chair
Micheal Cook, Karen Garcia, Richard Bright, Dawn Vandiver
Group Picture VCK Christmas Party
Michael Cook, Keynote Speaker
Tommy and Johnnie Roebuck
Sarah and John Kabealo, Fran and Jerry Rephan

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