There are many books of political interest at the DPGC Headquarters for loan to members. Stop by the Headquarters between 10AM and 4PM, Monday through Friday to check one out.

American Dynasty

Kevin Phillips

The Candidate

Paul Alexander

You Know Your Republican, Democrat if....

Benjamin Frank

A Woman in Charge

Carl Bernstein

Big Lies

Joe Conason

The Republican Noise Machine

David Brock

An Hour Before Daylight

Jimmy Carter

Stickin’ The Case for Loyalty

James Carville

We’re Right, They’re Wrong

James Carville

Putting People First

Bill Clinton & Al Gove

What We Do Now

Johnson & Merians Collection

The Kennedys

Peter & David Horowitz

Howard Dean In His Own Words

Howard Dean

Worse Than Watergate

John Dean

Why Americans Hate Politics

E. J. Dionne, Jr.

Bushworld: Enter at Your Own Risk

Maureen Dowd

Speaking Frankly

Barney Frank

What’s the Matter with Kansas

Thomas Frank

Lies & The Lying Liars Who Tell Them

Al Franken

Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot

Al Franken

The Truth

Al Franken

Crossing the Ole Man

Ed French


Bob Woodward

For American

Sacha Zimmerman

Dorothy Healey Remembers

Dorothy Ray Healey & Maurice Isserman

The Dark Side of Camelot

Seymour M. Hersh

Nothin’ But Good Times Ahead

Molly Ivins

Leading With My Heart

Virginia Clinton Kelley

Our Plan for American

John Kerry & John Edwards

Dear Corliss

Corliss Lamont

Life Was Meant To Be Lived

Joseph P. Lash

The Death of a President

William Manchester

A Hero For Our Times

Ralph G. Martin

The December Wars

Albert J. Menendez

The Republican War on Science

Chris Mooney

Stupid White Men

Michael Moore

The Fahrenheit 9/11 Reader

Michael Moore

The State of Religion Atlus

Joanne O’Brien & Martin Palmer

Robert’s Rules of Order

Henry M. Roberts

Celebrate The Temporary

Johnnie J. Roebuck

Affectionately, F. D. R.

James Roosevelt & Sidney Shalett

The Acting President

Bob Schieffer & Gary Paul Gates

Why I Am A Democrat

Theodore C. Sorensen

All Too Human

George Stephanopolous

Blood Sport

James B. Steward

The Price of Enpire

William Fulbright

Plan of Attack

Bob Woodward

Compulsory Pregnancy,
The War Against American Women

John M. Swomley

Defending Everybody

Diane Garey

It’s My Party Too

Christine Todd Whitman

Prisoners of Men’s Dreams

Suzanne, Gordon

The Assult on Reason

Al Gore

Personal History

Katharine Graham

The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight

Thom Hartman

American (The Book)

Jon Stewart

The Price of Loyalty

Ron Suskind

Too Close to Call

Jeffrey Toobin


Henry L. Trewhitt

First Ladies

Margaret Truman