The fundamental principles of the Democratic Party of Garland County are the promotion of individual freedom, equality of opportunity, community empowerment, a healthy environment, and a vibrant democracy. All are essential if Arkansas is to reach its full potential.The Democratic Party of Garland County meets on the third Wednesday of every month at 5:00 p.m. at our headquarters, 608 W. Grand Avenue, Hot Springs, AR 71901.  All interested individuals are encouraged to attend!

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DPGC’s 2018 “Catch the Wave” Dinner

Thursday, September 20th @ 5PM

Whittington Place, 301 Whittington Ave.


Earl Babbie will be the keynote speaker at the "Catch the Wave" dinner hosted by the Democratic Party of Garland County (DPGC). A renown sociologist, Babbie holds the position of Campbell Professor Emeritus in Behavioral Sciences at Chapman University. His textbook, The Practice of Social Research (first published in 1975 and currently in its 14th English edition with numerous non-English editions), is widely taught in colleges throughout the United States and elsewhere. During his career he has been active in the American Sociological Association and served on the ASA’s executive committee. He is also a past president of the California Sociological Association and the Pacific Sociological Association.

“We are honored that Earl has agreed to speak at our dinner,” said Mark A. Toth, DPGC Treasurer. “Earl is a knowledgeable and engaging speaker whose professional life has focused on defining and promoting fact-based research methods for the social sciences.”

At the dinner Babbie will discuss how various political candidates seek to use patriotism for electoral advantage. “With the election season fast approaching, we are certain to hear discussions over who is more patriotic than whom,” Babbie said. “These discussions will be complicated by unexamined disagreements about the meaning of the term patriotism. I will attempt to distinguish ‘genuine’ from ‘symbolic’ patriotism, suggesting the elements of ‘genuine’ American patriotism and examining where Democrats, Republicans, and other political and social groups stand regarding those elements of American patriotism.”

Tickets are $20.00 if purchased before September 13, 2018, $25.00 thereafter. Tickets can be purchased securely online at ActBlue or by calling the DPGC at (501) 624-0300 or contacting DPGC Treasurer Mark A. Toth (email:

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